Viewing Shipment Info

When an order is shipped, ShippingEasy sends shipment-related information back to your X-Cart store. This includes information about the carrier used, the shipping cost, and the tracking number assigned to the shipment.

In X-Cart, this information is written to the Staff note section of the order details.

The tracking number for the order is written to the Tracking number field of the order details. Here’s what it looks like on the Order details page:

Order Statuses Updates for Shipped Orders

When an order is shipped via ShippingEasy, ShippingEasy notifies your X-Cart store about it, and the status of the order in your X-Cart store is automatically updated:

  • the fulfillment status of the order in X-Cart becomes “Shipped” (for orders shipped in full) or “Processing” (for partially shipped orders);

  • the payment status of the order in X-Cart becomes “Paid” (In most cases, the order will have the status “Paid” already assigned by this time).

Order Cancellation

When an order gets canceled in X-Cart (i.e., gets the payment status “Canceled” or “Declined”), the ShippingEasy integration sends an order cancellation request to ShippingEasy.

As a result, the respective order in ShippingEasy is removed. The process is fully automated, so you do not have to cancel it on the ShippingEasy end manually.

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