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The Social Login add-on for X-Cart 5 is a solution that allows your customers to sign in using their existing Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts. With so many new sites emerging each week, some people are getting tired of creating new accounts for them all. By implementing an easy login flow for users with existing network accounts, you lower the barrier for people to sign up on your store site and, as a result, get more customers.

The screenshots below show the social login widgets added to your store site once you configure Facebook, Google, and Apple login.

  • Customer registration form

  • Customer sign-in form

  • Checkout sign-in form


When a user clicks on any of the above for the first time, they will need to grant your store permission to access their Facebook, Google, or Apple account info and email address. After that, the user can sign in with a single click. Your X-Cart store creates an account for the email used to sign in.

If any social accounts use the same email, and a customer uses one of the networks to sign in, X-Cart registers it and will allow access from this system only. The customer will not sign in with another social account with the same email later.

Customer accounts created through the Social Login add-on don't have an option for changing the account password and all related features. Instead, password management is done in the social network account used to sign up with a store.

To start using the add-on, install it from the X-Cart App Store as described here.

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