Learn how to install and configure UPS shipping method in your online store.

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The add-on UPS for X-Cart 5 allows you to use online shipping rate calculation via UPS service.

Getting Started with UPS

This article assumes that the UPS add-on has already been installed and activated at your store.

To start using the add-on, you need to configure it. The add-on settings can be accessed using one of the following methods:

Method 1:

  1. On the Shipping page of your X-Cart store's Admin area (Store Setup > Shipping), click the Add shipping method button.

  2. In the popup that appears, choose the UPS shipping method.

Method 2:

  1. In your X-Cart store's Admin area, go to Apps > My Apps and find the UPS add-on.

  2. Click on the Settings link for the add-on to access the add-on's configuration settings.

Before your store has been connected to UPS, the add-on settings page looks like this:

Click the Connect button. You will be redirected to the UPS login page. There, you will need to log in to your UPS account.

Simply follow the instructions on the screen. As a result, your store will be connected to UPS.

Once the UPS integration add-on has been connected to UPS, the add-on settings page will look like the following:

Now you need to configure USP settings. For configuration help, see the Configuring UPS section below.

Use the Test mode toggle provided on the page to switch between test and production modes.

To enable UPS in your store, ensure that the toggle "This shipping carrier is" is set to ON (enabled).

Be sure to click Submit after making any changes.


In June 2023, UPS implemented an OAuth 2.0 security model for all APIs and announced that users would no longer be able to transact with UPS APIs using an access key for authentication after June 03, 2024.

X-Cart's USP integration was updated for X-Cart 5.5.1.x (starting with version and 5.4.1.x to accommodate this change. The updated UPS integration now supports OAuth connect and REST API.

After updating the X-Cart software, the existing users will have to reconnect their store to UPS, as the connection will not function with their existing credentials. To reconnect, use the Connect button on the add-on settings page.

Configuring UPS

The UPS add-on settings page contains the following sections:

Check below how to configure them properly.

Package Settings

These are the options applied to both domestic and international shipments:

  • Package box type: Select the type of packaging for shipments.

  • Package dimensions (IN) (Length, Width, Height): Use these fields to set the default package size for UPS shipments.

  • Maximum package weight (lbs): Set the package weight limit.

Service Options

These are advanced options for shipments. Enable the options you require or select the necessary values.

Be sure to specify your UPS Account number; it is required to process the negotiated rates' requests.

To use commission-free UPS rates in your online store, enable the "Use negotiated rates" toggle.

Shipping Refunds Settings

This section provides a link to the 71lbs website. 71lbs can help you with UPS Refunds.

Cash On Delivery

X-Cart's UPS integration add-on allows you to use the "Cash on delivery" payment option for UPS shipments within European Union, within United States and Puerto Rico, within Canada and from Canada to the United States.

In the Cash On Delivery section of the UPS add-on settings page, you can see a "Cash on delivery" status toggle indicating whether the "Cash on Delivery" option is currently active for your store.

However, the status cannot be readjusted directly from this page. To activate/deactivate the "Cash on delivery" option for UPS, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Payment Methods page (use the link in the Note for quick access).

    This is the page you require:

  2. Scroll down the page to access the list of your store's offline payment methods.

  3. In the list of your store's offline payment methods, activate/deactivate the payment method named "Cash on Delivery (UPS)".

    (If this payment method is not shown in the Offline section of the Payment Methods page, use the Add payment method button to add it. For more info on the management of payment methods, see Managing Payment Methods.)

  4. If activating the method, use the Settings link to check the method settings.

    You can make changes to the method settings as you require; just be sure to save your changes.

Currency Conversion Options

Use this section to provide a currency conversion rate if your store's currency is other than the US dollar.

Additional Options

Currently, this section provides only one setting; it can be used to enable the logging of requests to the UPS server and its responses. This setting does not affect shipping rates calculation.

The logs are saved:

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - to a file named like var/log/2024/02/xlite.2024-02-07.log

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - to the UPS.log files in the <X-Cart>/var/log/ folder.

Taxes & Handling

The "Taxes & Handling" section allows you to set a tax class and a handling fee for the UPS method.

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