The add-on UPS for X-Cart 5 allows you to use online shipping rate calculation via UPS service.

This article assumes that the UPS add-on has already been installed and activated at your store.

To start using the add-on, you need to configure it. The add-on settings can be accessed using one of the following methods:

Method 1:

  1. On the Shipping page of your X-Cart store's Admin area (Store Setup > Shipping), click the Add shipping method button.

  2. In the popup that appears, choose the UPS shipping method.

Method 2:

  1. In the My Apps section of your X-Cart store's Admin area, find the UPS add-on and click on its name to access the add-on's detailed information.

  2. On the add-on information page, click on the Settings link.

The UPS settings page looks like the following:

The UPS add-on settings page contains the following sections:

Check below how to configure them properly.

General Settings

To use UPS Rating API, you must register on with a User ID and Password. After that, obtain an Access Key from UPS that provides access to the Rating API. You will need to add or create an account number in your UPS profile for this purpose

So, first of all, you'll need to fill in the following fields following your UPS account data:

  • User ID: Specify your UserID.

  • Password Specify your password.

  • Access key: Specify your UPS Access key.

    You can request an Access key after registration. To request an Access key, click "Request an access key" here. Next, provide your contact and account information, and select "Request Access Key" to continue. Once you have your Access key, please copy and paste it into this field in X-Cart.

  • UPS Account number: Specify your UPS account number. It is required to process the negotiated rates' requests.

  • Test mode: Turn the toggle on to check the UPS shipping processing before making it live.

Package Settings

These are the options applied to both domestic and international shipments:

  • Package box type: Select the type of packaging for shipments.

  • Package dimensions (IN) (Length, Width, Height): Use these fields to define the default package size for UPS shipments in inches.

  • Maximum package weight (lbs): Limit the package weight in pounds.

Service Options

These are advanced options for shipments.

Turn them on or select the necessary values if applicable.

Note: To use commission-free UPS rates in your online store, enable the "Use negotiated rates" toggle.

Cash on Delivery

Here you can enable the cash-on-delivery option for your international and domestic shipments.

To enable the cash-on-delivery option, you should activate it in the payments section (Store Setup > Payment Methods). Then, find UPS in the Offline methods section and turn on the cash-on-delivery option.

Follow the link from the Note to find the payments section.

Currency Conversion Options

Use this section to provide a currency conversion rate if your currency is other than the US dollar.

  • Shipping cost currency: If the shipping currency is other than USD, specify it in this field.

  • Currency rate: Set the currency conversion rate here. The default field value for the USD currency is 1.

Additional Options

Options in this section are helpful but do not affect shipping rates calculation:

This option enables logging requests to the UPS server and its responses. The logs are saved to the UPS.log files in the <X-Cart>/var/log/ folder.

Be sure to save the changes when the UPS shipping configuration is complete.

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