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USPS General Configuration
USPS General Configuration

Learn how to configure the USPS shipping method in your online store.

Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated this week

The USPS add-on for X-Cart 5 allows you to use online shipping rate calculation via USPS Web Tools Ecommerce API.

This article assumes that the USPS add-on has already been installed and activated at your store.

To start using the add-on, you need to configure it. The add-on configuration settings can be accessed using one of the following methods:

Method 1:

  1. In the Shipping section of your X-Cart store's Admin area (Store Setup > Shipping), click the Add shipping method button:

  2. In the popup that appears, choose the USPS shipping method:

Method 2:

  1. In the My Apps section of your X-Cart store's Admin area, find the USPS add-on and click on its name to access the add-on detailed information.

  2. On the add-on information page, click on the Settings link:

The add-on settings page looks as follows:

To configure USPS:

  1. Specify the User ID provided to you by USPS in the User ID field.

  2. For testing, adjust the setting Test mode to "On". For production, adjust this setting to "Off".

    If USPS fails to work correctly for you in the live mode, while there was no such problem in test mode (usually you receive the "API Authorization failure. RateV4 is not a valid API name for this protocol" error message), contact USPS support staff and ask them to transfer your account to the production server.

  3. In the Common Options section, specify the parameters that should be applied to domestic and international shipments from your store.

    • Package dimensions (inches) (Length, Width, Height): Use these fields to define the default package size for USPS shipments in inches.

    • Girth: Required for large size and if the container is non-rectangular or variable.

    • Maximum package weight: Specify the top limit of the package's weight in pounds (lbs).

    • Machinable: Specify whether it is OK to handle your shipments by machines. Enabling this option reduces the shipping costs.

    • Currency conversion rate: Use this field to provide a currency conversion rate if your currency is other than the US dollar. If your currency is the US dollar, leave this field set to 1.

  4. Adjust the settings in the Domestic USPS section. These settings will apply to all your domestic shipments.

    • Container: Use this field to specify the container type for your domestic shipments.

    • Pricing type to be used: Use this dropdown to specify the pricing type for your domestic shipments.

    • Request rates for: Select whether you want rates to be requested from USPS only for online methods or for all methods.

  5. Adjust the International USPS section settings that will apply to your international shipments.

    • Mail type: Select the type of goods for international delivery.

    • Container: Select the package type for international shipments.

    • Get commercial base postage and Global Express Guarantee (GXG): These are advanced options for international shipments.

  6. The "Cash on Delivery" status toggle in the add-on settings shows whether Cash on Delivery for USPS is currently "On" or "Off" for both domestic and international shipments.

    When you first configure USPS add-on settings, this toggle will be set to "Off", and you will not be able to set it to "On". Do not worry; that is normal behavior. You will be able to control the "Cash on Delivery" status later via the Payment Methods page of your store's Admin area (Store Setup > Payment Methods). To activate the "Cash on Delivery" payment option for USPS, you must enable the Cash on Delivery (USPS) payment method on that page.

    (If the Cash on Delivery (USPS) payment method is not shown in the Offline section of the Payment Methods page, use the Add payment method button to add it. For more info on the management of payment methods, see Managing Payment Methods.)

  7. Adjust additional options for the USPS add-on:

    • Log all communication between shopping cart and USPS server: This option enables logging incoming and outcoming USPS server requests. The logs are saved to USPS.log files in the <X-Cart>/var/log/ folder.

    • Auto enable new USPS shipping methods: This option will automatically add all new USPS shipping methods to your system. They will not be enabled for customers automatically though.

  8. Adjust the settings in the Taxes & Handling section.

  9. Be sure to save the changes when your USPS shipping configuration is complete.

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