Exporting Products to eBay

Learn how to export product data from your online store to eBay.

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The X-Cart eBay Integration add-on enables you to export product information from your store to eBay. When exported to eBay, product information is used to form a new eBay listing or update an existing eBay listing created previously (for example, to update the available quantity of the product in the listing or to end a listing). You can export the information of just some specific products or all the products in your store at once. You can initiate export from the product details page or a product list in X-Cart Admin.

Export from Product List

To export product information to eBay from a product list:

  1. Go to the Products section in your store's Admin area (Catalog > Products).

  2. Select products for export.

    If you need to export all products in your store to eBay, there's no need to select specific products; make sure the filter above the product list is not setting any limitations.

  3. Select the operation that needs to be performed:

    • If you need to export to eBay all the products that have been found and are now displayed in the product list, click the Export all found to eBay button:

    • If you need to export to eBay just the products you have selected, click the "More actions for selected" button in the second row of buttons and select the action you require from the button menu:

      • End products on eBay- Select this to end the existing eBay listings;

      • Export products to eBay - Select this to export all information about the products;

      • Export inventories to eBay - Select this to update the product quantities in your eBay listings (only inventory data will be exported);

      • Export images to eBay - Select this to update only the product images.

  4. Confirm your wish to export the products to eBay. The products will be exported to eBay:

    When the process is completed, a success message will be displayed.

Export from Product Details

To export product information to eBay from a product details page:

  1. Go to the Products section of your store's Admin area (Catalog > Products).

  2. Find the product whose information you want to export to eBay and click on the product name to go to the product's details page.

  3. On the product details page, go to the eBay Product Options section:

  4. Make sure the eBay options for the product are set correctly.

  5. Click the Export of item button at the bottom of the page:

    The product will be exported to eBay.

    After the product has been exported to eBay for the first time, you get more eBay export options for the product:

    Depending on the type of data that you want to export, you can perform further exports of product information for this product using the following buttons:

    • Export Item - will export the entire scope of product information;

    • Export Inventory - will export only the product inventory information;

    • Export Images - will export just the product images;

    • End Item - will end the item listing on eBay.

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