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Viewing and Managing Your Product Listings on eBay
Viewing and Managing Your Product Listings on eBay
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In your X-Cart store's Admin area, products that have been successfully exported to eBay are marked with the "eBay" icons when seen in a product list:

This way, you can easily tell them from the rest of your store's products. By clicking a product's "eBay" icon, you can access the page of the respective product listing on eBay.

Each of the products from your X-Cart store exported to eBay gets a unique eBay item ID. Once a product has been successfully exported to eBay, its eBay item ID is passed to X-Cart and stored in the eBay Item ID field on the product details page in X-Cart Admin (in the eBay product options section). Below this field, there is the "View eBay Item" link which allows you to access the page of the respective listing on eBay:

After a product has been published on eBay, you may need to change the information on the respective eBay listing. For example, you may need to update the product quantity, the product description, or the product images. In this case, you need to export the product information that needs to be updated to eBay. It is possible to export the entire item or just some info (inventory or images). The eBay export options determine the scope of export:

  • Export Item allows to export the entire scope of product information;

  • Export Inventory allows to export only the product inventory information;

  • Export Images allows exporting just the product images.

There may be times when you need to change a product's eBay item ID - that is, when you need to associate a product in X-Cart with a different eBay listing. The "eBay item ID" field is edit protected to prevent the product owner from changing the ID accidentally. To change the eBay item ID, use the Change eBay item ID link located close to the "eBay item ID" field:

Clicking on this link will make the field editable; you will be able to enter a new eBay item ID and save the changes using the Apply changes button.

To end a product listing on eBay before it expires, use the End item eBay export option.

Once the item is ended on eBay, a success message will be displayed. Also, X-Cart will add a note of the ended item ID to the product information:

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