Importing Orders from eBay

Learn how to import orders from eBay to your online store.

Written by Anna Verbichenko
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To have information about the orders created and completed on eBay in your X-Cart store’s Admin area, you will need to import these orders from eBay into your X-Cart store.

To import completed eBay orders into your X-Cart store:

  1. In your X-Cart store’s Admin area, go to the Upload eBay Orders page (Orders > Upload eBay Orders).

  2. Specify which orders you want to import by adjusting the following fields:

    • eBay site: Specify the eBay marketplace site from which you would like to import orders.

    • Upload eBay order for: Select the period.

    • eBay Order ID: If you need to import all orders changed during the specified period, leave this field blank. If you need to import just some specific demands, enter the eBay Order IDs of these orders in this field (Multiple IDs should be separated with a comma).

      Important: eBay Order ID is different from eBay Sales Order ID. It is the eBay Order ID values that you need to use here.

  3. Click the Upload orders button to launch the order import process. While the import is in progress, you will see a screen like the following:

If you have any orders on eBay that were changed during the specified period, they should be uploaded to your X-Cart store in a few moments. For example, on our demo installation, we had just one order from eBay during the past 6 hours, so the list of uploaded orders contains only one item:

On the order listing page in the store Admin area (Orders > Orders List), eBay orders are marked with the “eBay” icon for quicker identification.

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