Connecting WordPress to X-Cart

Learn how to get started with the Blog System add-on and how to

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This guide assumes that you have installed and enabled the Blog System in X-Cart 5 add-on in your store.

To start using a blog system, you need to connect WordPress to X-Cart first.

For this purpose:

  1. Create a new MySQL user and a new MySQL database for WordPress.

    For security reasons, we recommend these to be separate from the ones used by X-Cart.

  2. In a web browser, while being logged in as your X-Cart store administrator, open your X-Cart store's home page and click "Blog."

  3. This page will allow you to install and configure WordPress using an installation wizard.

    • Step 1 - WordPress Download

      Click "Start the Installation" to download the latest version of WordPress to the blog directory within your X-Cart 5 directory.

      Make sure your X-Cart 5 directory has "write" permissions! In the second step, WordPress will be configured and installed.

    • Step 2 - WordPress Setup
      Once the first step is completed, click "click here" to continue.

      You will see a page in a new tab allowing you to specify the details of your WordPress MySQL database.

      • Specify your WordPress MySQL database connection details and click Submit to continue:

      • WordPress will create a file named wp-config.php and will write your MySQL connection details into it.
        A confirmation message will be displayed as shown below:

      • Click Run the install to continue.

        If the wp-config.php file could not be written automatically, you should create it manually in your WordPress directory and paste the content from the text area into it.

      • On the next page, you should enter the title of your blog and the e-mail and password of your WordPress admin user.
        Click Install WordPress.

      • On the Success page, click the "Log In" button to log in to the WordPress admin area.

      • In the WordPress admin area, click the blog link at the top of the page to visit your blog page and make sure your blog page displays correctly.

        For example, if the "Default" skin is used in your X-Cart, the blog should look like this:

Your store's visitors will be able to access your blog using the "Blog" link on your store's Primary menu:

Now you can adjust the way your blog appears in your X-Cart store as described here.

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