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Blog System in X-Cart 5
Configuring Blog System in X-Cart
Configuring Blog System in X-Cart

Learn how to set up the Blog System add-on in your store.

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You can control how the blog appears in your online store on the setting page of the Blog System add-on.

You can access this page from the "Settings" link in the App Store:

A store admin can configure the following groups of options on the add-on settings page:

General Settings

This section is partitioned but not named. Still, it technically allows defining the blog directory on the server.

  • Path to WordPress directory (relative to X-Cart 5 directory): Use the field to set the location of your blog directory within your X-Cart 5 installation.

    Important: This field is configured automatically and is displayed primarily for informational purposes. You should keep the contents of this field set to "blog" at all times - as long as you want your blog to be visible and accessible to visitors. Changing the field contents will not move your blog to a new directory but will render your blog inaccessible.

Tip: You can use this side effect as an emergency way to disable your blog. Clearing the field contents or changing it to anything other than "blog" will hide your blog from visitors. That will not hide the "Blog" item from your site's Primary menu, but visitors will see the "Page not available in the Blog section itself. Please contact the administrator" message.

"Bread Crumbs"

This section allows configuring the page title of the Blog page.

  • Text to replace blog title in breadcrumbs: This setting allows you to customize the page title of your store's Blog page.

    By default, this element shows your blog's title as defined by the "Site Title" field in the WordPress General Settings. However, you can specify a different text for breadcrumbs instead of the blog title.


This section of the add-on settings page allows you to configure the look of your blog pages.

  • Add blog name: This setting determines whether your blog name is displayed in the blog page header.

    You can define the blog name itself in the "Site Title" field in the WordPress General Settings.

  • Add blog description for blog home page: This setting determines whether your blog description displays in the header of your blog's main page or not.

    You can define the description in the "Tagline" field in the WordPress General Settings.

  • Add a page number if necessary: This setting applies if the number of posts in your blog exceeds the maximum number of posts that WordPress can display on one page according to the "Blog pages show at most" setting in WordPress (see "Reading Settings" section). If the setting "Add a page number if necessary" is enabled, numbered pagination is provided for posts that do not fit onto one page.

    If this setting is disabled, only "Older posts" and "Newer posts" links are provided.

Widget "Recent Posts"

The "Recent Posts" widget is a box displaying your latest blog posts. The settings in this section of the" Blog System in X-Cart" add-on settings page define how and whether this widget should be displayed in your store.

  • Show widget: This setting determines whether the "Recent Posts" widget should be displayed or not.

  • The number of display recent posts: This setting determines the maximum number of blog posts that your online store can display in the" Recent Posts" widget:

    When the number of posts in your blog exceeds the number allowed for display in the "Recent Posts" widget, your store's visitors can access the rest of your blog posts using the "View all posts" link in the lower part of the widget:

  • Section style: This setting determines where the "Recent Posts" widget should be displayed in your store.

    • If the "menu section" option is selected, the widget is displayed in the menu column of your store's Home page, category pages, and blog pages:

    • If the "content section" is selected, the widget is displayed in the content section of the store's Home page:

  • Show excerpt: This setting determines how your online store will display your recent blog posts within the "Recent Posts" widget. If the "Show excerpt" option is enabled, the "Recent Posts" widget will include an excerpt for each of the recent blog posts. If this option is disabled, it will display only post titles.

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