In a store where products are going to be shipped to customers from the warehouses of specific vendors, each vendor needs to specify their Ship-From address. This address will be used for the calculation of shipping costs.

Note: If no Ship-From address is specified, the vendor's Company address (see Managing Vendor Profile Information as a Vendor) will be used for shipping calculations.

A vendor can specify their Ship-From address via the Ship-From Address section (Store Setup > Shipping, Ship-From Address tab):

In the Ship-From Address section, there is a setting "Use your company address as your ship-from address". This setting is enabled by default, which means the vendor's warehouse is located at the vendor's Company address. To specify an address that will be separate from the Company address, the vendor needs to disable this setting.

As a result, they will be provided with a form where they will be able to specify their Ship-From address.

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