Managing the Ship-From Address as a Vendor

Learn how vendors can update the origin address for their shipments.

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In a store where products are shipped to customers from the warehouses of specific vendors, each vendor needs to specify their Ship-From address. The marketplace will use this address for the shipping costs calculation.

If no Ship-From address is specified, the marketplace will use the vendor's Company address (see Managing Vendor Profile Information as a Vendor) for shipping calculations.

A vendor can specify their Ship-From address via the Ship-From Address section (Store Setup > Shipping, Ship-From Address tab):

If the "Use your company address as your ship-from address" toggle in the Ship-From Address section is enabled, the vendor's company address defines the warehouse location. To specify a different address, the vendor needs to disable this toggle.

As a result, they will be provided with a form where they can specify their Ship-From address.

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