Accessing X-Payments Cloud Admin Panel

Learn how to access the X-Payment Cloud admin panel from your online store.

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To access the X-Payments Cloud admin panel for the extended set of features (like customization of the look and feel of your X-Payments Cloud payment form, management of X-Payments Cloud admin users, etc.) you need to go to the standalone version. This is possible to do from your X-Cart store Admin area.

For this purpose:

  1. Locate the X-Payments Cloud method on the payments listing page of your store Admin area (Store Setup > Payment Methods) and choose to configure it.

  2. On the X-Payments Cloud Settings page, use the Settings menu to access the Advanced link.

There is also a way to access your X-Payments Cloud admin panel directly (not from within your X-Cart store, but as a standalone website). For direct access to the standalone version of your X-Payments Cloud admin panel, use the URL replacing the part ‘your_xpc_account’ with your actual X-Payments Cloud account name.

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