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Importing Users

Learn how to import admin, vendor and customer accounts into your online store.

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If it is necessary to update customers' data in bulk or upload customer info from any other source, it is possible to import it via the customers.csv file. You can even upload and update the admin and vendor data using it.

If you have a CSV file exported from another source (a list from a supplier, an export file from some 3rd party store, etc.), you need to rebuild it to X-Cart's format. If the format doesn't match, the import fails. Learn more about the X-Cart Customers CSV file format here.

To create a CSV file for users import:

  1. Export a CSV file with users from your online store. You can use it as a sample for creating your own CSV files. It includes information about demo customers with comma-separated values.

    The regular "Export" page of your store's Admin area allows exporting customers' data only.
    ​To export admin and vendors data, follow the guides provided here.

  2. Edit the sample file and enter users' data into it, committing to the file format.
    The minimal set of fields required to import customers is as follows:

    • login

    • status

    To import admin and vendor users, you will also need to define the following fields:

    • access_level

    • roles

      In case you are importing vendors in X-Cart Multivendor, use the guides provided here.

    See the field values definitions in CSV Import: Customers.

    A sample import file with users may look like this:

  3. If you have a file from another source, it may have columns "not found" while importing to X-Cart. Therefore, do not paste those columns into the file.

  4. Import the prepared CSV file as described here.

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