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Setting up User Authentication with Backup Codes (X-Payments Cloud)
Setting up User Authentication with Backup Codes (X-Payments Cloud)
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We strongly recommend that you set up more than one method to verify your user identity for 2-factor user authentication in X-Payments Cloud. At the very least, you should create and save a list of backup codes. These codes will help you to regain access to the X-Payments Cloud admin panel if you lose the device associated with your two-factor authentication settings, or if the authentication method you normally use becomes unavailable for some reason.

To create your list of backup codes:

  1. In the X-Payments Cloud admin panel, go to your profile details page (Profile > View details) and click on the "Backup codes configure" link:

    This opens the Backup codes page:

  2. On the page, select to Generate backup codes:

    A popup window will be displayed providing a form for you to enter a one-time password from your preferred authentication method:

    Type in the one-time password from Google Authenticator or an SMS/text message and click Enter. The popup window will be closed, and you will see a list of backup codes generated for you:

    Note that the codes are unusable until you confirm you have saved them, so be sure not to close the page just yet!

  3. Click the Download or print codes button to save the codes:

    Be sure to store the list of your backup codes in a secure place.

  4. Click the I confirm that I've saved the backup codes button to activate the codes.

    The codes will be activated:

Now you can use the codes to access the X-Payments Cloud admin panel.

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