DHL Add-on Setup

Learn how to configure the DHL add-on in your online store.

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To configure the DHL add-on, open the add-on settings page and define values in the following sections:


Use this section to specify the DHL Site ID and API password from your registered DHL account.

Module Settings

Use this section to configure the basic DHL add-on settings.

  • DHL Account: Specify your DHL account number to use negotiated rates only. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

  • Discover new methods: Turn the toggle ON if you need the new shipping methods to be discovered and enabled automatically during checkout.

  • Test mode: Turn the toggle ON to check the DHL shipping processing before making it live.

  • Enable debugging: This option enables the logging of requests to the DHL server and its responses. The logs are saved to DHL.log files in the /var/log/ folder.

  • API endpoint (production): The field value is preset.

  • API endpoint (test): The field value is preset.

Additional Settings

Use this section to add insured value to shipments if applicable.

Special services may imply extra fees. Please consult DHL before using this option.

Package Settings

Use this section to configure the package settings for domestic and international shipments.

  • Dimension unit: Select the applicable dimension unit.

  • Weight unit: Select the weight unit.

  • Package box type: Select the type of packaging used for shipments.

  • Package dimensions: Use these fields to define the default package size for DHL shipments (Length, Width, Height).

  • Maximum package weight: Specify the top limit of the package’s weight.

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