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Managing Your Ship-From Address (X-Cart 5.5.x)
Managing Your Ship-From Address (X-Cart 5.5.x)

learn how to configure the and maintain the ship-from address in your online store.

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Your store's shipping strategy will largely depend on the warehouse location from which the goods ordered from your store will be shipped out to the buyers. However, in real life, the location of such a warehouse may not be the same as the company address you have specified in your store profile. Therefore, if you want shipping cost estimation at your X-Cart store to be more or less accurate, you will need a way to specify the actual location from which your customers' orders will be shipped.

Attention to the users of X-Cart Multi-Vendor
โ€‹Vendors are in charge of the ship-from address configuration in the X-Cart Multi-Vendor edition with the "Vendors as separate shops" mode enabled.

X-Cart makes it possible for you to specify such a location (i.e., the origin address for your store's shipments) via the Ship-From Address form on the "Shipping" page in your store's Admin area.

To configure the custom ship-from address:

  1. On the Store > Shipping page in your store's Admin area, check the ship-from address configured by far. Usually, it is the address specified in the store profile.

  2. Click the "Pencil" icon to access the "Ship-From Address" details.

    In the pop-up, you will find the "Use your company address as your ship-from address" toggle.

    • By default, this toggle is enabled. So X-Cart treats the company address in your store profile as your ship-from address.

    • If you need to specify a different address as an origin for your shipments, switch OFF the toggle.

    • Complete the address fields and click Submit to save your changes.

      The address will be saved.

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