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Capturing Authorized Payments (X-Payments Cloud)
Capturing Authorized Payments (X-Payments Cloud)
Written by Anna Verbichenko
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If your store uses a two-part payment flow (with separate steps for authorization and capture actions), after getting an order with the payment status "Authorized", you need to capture the payment to initiate a transfer of the authorized funds from the buyer's account to your account.

A capture can be done:

  • via the Admin area of your X-Cart store;

  • via the X-Payments Cloud admin panel.

Please note that the ability to capture funds for multiple orders at once (bulk capture) is currently available only via the X-Cart Admin area (not available via the X-Payments Cloud admin panel).

For instructions on doing a manual capture via the X-Payments Cloud admin panel, see the section Auth and Capture. Capturing Funds (X-Payments Cloud).

The current article provides instructions for doing a manual capture via the X-Cart Admin area.

To do a capture via the X-Cart Admin area, use one of the following methods:

Method 1 (Capture individual payment from Order details page)

This method is good for capturing funds for a specific order. It can be used to capture the entire amount of an order or to do a partial capture (provided that your payment processor supports partial captures). In the case of partial captures, this method allows you to adjust the amount to be captured.

To do a capture, follow the steps below:

  1. In the list of orders in X-Cart Admin area, locate the order for which you need to do a capture. You may find it easier to find the order you require by using filtering.

  2. Click on the Order # link to go to the order details.

    For example, let us do a capture for Order #00010.

    After clicking on the order #, you should be able to see the order details page.

    On this page, a panel is provided showing the order fulfillment and payment statuses and the authorized amount (in our case, $26.48). The same panel provides the buttons that can be used to manage the payment (Capture / Void).

  3. Make sure the amount for capture shown on the panel is the amount you require to capture. In most cases, you will need to capture the entire order amount at once. In our case, the authorized amount is $26.48, and the amount shown by default as the amount for capture is also $26.48. If we want to capture the entire authorized amount, we do not need to change anything.

  4. Click Capture and confirm the action.

    A capture request will be submitted. Provided that the capture is successful, the contents of the order status panel will be updated:

    • The order status will now be shown as "Paid" (instead of "Authorized").

    • The order amount will now be shown as "Captured amount" (instead of "Authorized amount").

    Note that after capturing the entire authorized order amount, the Capture button disappears, and you cannot do any more captures on the same authorization.

    Some payment processors, however, support partial captures. For orders paid by an X-Payments Cloud based payment method via such a payment processor, you will be able not just to capture the entire authorized order amount but also to specify and capture an amount that is smaller than the initial authorization.
    For example, we have an order with the authorized order amount of $26.48. The order contains two items: a bracelet ($6.49) and a watch ($19.99). After placing the order, the buyer calls in and says they no longer want to order the bracelet. We use X-Cart's Advanced Order Management (AOM) feature to edit the order removing the bracelet from it. We get X-Cart to recalculate the order totals and save the changes. But the authorized order amount is still $26.48. We want to capture only $19.99 for the watch (and release the remaining $6.49 for the bracelet). To do so, we adjust the amount for capture, resetting it from $26.48 to $19.99:

    After completing the capture, we get the following result:

    Note that after completing the capture this way, we will no longer be able to do any more captures on the same authorization.

    It is possible to do a partial capture without first editing the order amount with AOM. In this case, capturing an amount that is smaller than the originally authorized amount will result in the order status being reset to "Partially paid".

    Some payment processors support multiple captures allowing you to capture the authorized order amount gradually (by doing multiple captures of smaller amounts). The X-Payments Cloud connector for X-Cart does not currently support multiple captures. You will be able to do the first partial capture in your X-Cart store Admin area using the method described above; however, to complete further partial captures on the same authorization, you will need to use the X-Payments Cloud admin panel (See Auth and Capture. Capturing Funds (X-Payments Cloud).)

Method 2 (Individual / Bulk capture from Orders list)

This method is good for capturing the funds for a specific order as well as for bulk-capturing the funds for multiple orders. Note that since it is a bulk action, you will not be able to adjust the amount for capture for individual orders. If you require to adjust the amount for any of the orders you wish to capture using this method, you will need to edit those orders in AOM before doing the capture.

To do a capture, follow the steps below:

  1. In the list of orders in X-Cart Admin area, locate the order(s) for which you need to do a capture. You may find it easier to find the orders you require by using filtering.

  2. Select the orders using the checkboxes on the left-hand side. After at least one order has been selected, a button titled "Capture selected" appears below the order list.

  3. Click the Capture selected button. The capture process will be launched.

    Since there may be a lot of orders selected, the capture process may take a considerable time (For each selected order, about a few seconds are required to send an API request to the payment processor, to receive a response from the payment processor, to make changes to the information in the database, etc.) For that reason, during a bulk capture, a progress bar is provided below the order list so you can see how the capture process is going.

    You do not have to keep the page open for the process to continue: it will work in the background, no matter whether you are on that page or not and what you are doing. If the store has more than one administrator user with access to order processing, any such administrator user visiting the orders page in the Admin area will be able to see the progress bar and will thus know that a bulk capture is being processed. Because we do not want any orders for which a bulk capture has been launched to be edited/tampered with before the capture is completed, all the orders involved in a bulk capture will be blocked for editing. Since the capture of each selected order will be processed individually, you may get both successful captures and captures that have failed for some reason.

  4. Once the bulk capture process is completed, you will see a message saying "Operation completed. Reload the page" in place of the bulk capture progress bar.

    Note: The message "Operation completed. Reload the page" means that the task of processing the orders selected for capture has been completed; however, it does not necessarily mean that the funds for all the selected orders have been captured successfully. A capture may fail for certain orders for various reasons. For example, in the screenshots above, you can see orders #00007 and #00008 flagged by our anti-fraud service as potentially fraudulent and requiring manual review. In spite of the fact that, at the previous step, we selected those orders for capture, those orders have not been captured along with the others (their status is still showing as "Authorized"). To capture those orders, we will need to review them, accept the respective transactions and do another capture.

    To return to the regular view of the orders list after a bulk capture, be sure to reload the page.


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