Voiding Payments (X-Payments Cloud)
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If your store uses a two-part payment flow (with separate steps for authorization and capture actions), after getting an order with the payment status "Authorized" - and before the authorization amount has been captured - it is possible to cancel the order and void the authorization.

Let us imagine that you have an order in the "Authorized" payment status that you need to cancel for some reason. For example, the buyer calls you and asks you to cancel the order because they no longer want the item they ordered.

To cancel the order, follow the steps below:

  1. In the list of orders in X-Cart Admin area, locate the order that you need to cancel. You may find it easier to find the order you require by using filtering.

  2. Click on the Order # link to go to the order details.

    For the sake of example, we are going to cancel Order #00006.

    After clicking on the order #, you should be able to see the order details page.

    On this page, a panel is provided showing the order fulfillment and payment statuses and the authorized amount (in our case, $9.04). The same panel provides the buttons that can be used to manage the payment (Capture / Void).

  3. Click the Void button.

    A request to void the transaction will be submitted. Provided that the operation is successful, the transaction will be voided, and the order status will be updated to "Cancelled".

    Note that if the buyer has a card saved in their profile, the order total will be shown as not paid by the buyer ("Difference between total and paid amount"), and a Charge the difference button will be provided. If at a later time you decide that you still need to capture the order amount, you will be able to do that using the 'Çharge the Difference' feature.

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