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Connecting Your X-Cart SEMA Data Integration
Connecting Your X-Cart SEMA Data Integration
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Before you can start using SEMA Data with your X-Cart store, you need to obtain and save in your integration settings a security token that will enable your X-Cart store to make calls to SEMA API. You will also need to configure your SEMA Data integration import options.

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Getting Your Security Token for SEMA Data

The process of connecting your SEMA Data integration involves submitting your SEMA Data account username and password on the SEMA Data add-on settings page in your X-Cart store. Your X-Cart store will use those credentials to access SEMA Data on your behalf and obtain a security token required to make calls to the API for data exchange with SEMA Data. If you do not yet have an account with SEMA, you can sign up for an account on SEMA Data website.

To get your security token:

  1. Log in to your X-Cart store's Admin area and go to SEMA Data Settings page.

    • Method 1:

      Go to Catalog > SEMA Data.

      Make sure you are looking at the Settings page tab.

    • Method 2:

      On the list of your X-Cart store's add-ons (Apps > My Apps), find the add-on "SEMA Data" and click on the Settings link for it.

      Make sure you are looking at the Settings page tab.

  2. Copy and paste your SEMA Data username and password into the CDC login field. The field provides two input boxes: one for your username, and another one for your password. Then click the Generate Token button next to the CDC login field.

    Provided that the username and password submitted via the CDC login field are correct, your X-Cart store will connect to SEMA Data and obtain a security token. This token will enable X-Cart to exchange information with SEMA Data. The token will appear in the Your Token field on the same page. Please note that your security token is confidential information.

  3. Configure your Import Options (see below) and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen to save both the token and the import options.

After you click the Save Changes button, the token will be saved in your X-Cart SEMA Data integration settings.

Your X-Cart store should now be able to connect to SEMA Data and access product information.

Configuring the Import Options

Before you start importing catalog data from SEMA Data, it is essential that you should configure the most general options that affect the import process. You can do it right after obtaining a security token for API access.

To configure the import options:

  1. Use the Import mode setting in the Import Options section to specify the mode that you would like to use for importing catalog data from SEMA.

    One of two available options can be selected:

    • Import only new products, do not update existing ones;

    • Import new products and update existing ones.

    Whether a product is a new or an existing one will be determined based on the product SKU: during a product import, if a product SKU received from SEMA Data matches a SKU in your X-Cart store's catalog, the product will be deemed an existing one. So, if you are doing an import, for example, with the option "Import only new products, do not update existing ones", this existing product in your store's catalog will not be updated.

  2. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking the Save Changes button will save both the import options and the API token.

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