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Inventory Tracking for Turn14 Distribution Products
Inventory Tracking for Turn14 Distribution Products
Written by Anna “dohtur” Verbichenko
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After importing product information (depending on your primary source of catalog data, this will be either from Turn14 Distribution or from SEMA Data), you should check and adjust the quantity in stock information for the imported products to accurately represent their stock availability. That can be done using the Inventory Tracking tab of product details.

With Turn14 Distribution integration add-on enabled in your store, X-Cart's "Quantity in stock" setting retains its functionality, allowing you to manage the quantity of products in your store's inventory.

  • Quantity in stock (default): This setting allows you to specify the quantity of the current product (number of items) available for purchase with delivery from your store's warehouse. For products not stocked but sold with fulfillment by Turn14 Distribution or by the product brand manufacturer, this field should be set to "0" (zero).

There is also a new setting specific to Turn14 Distribution products:

  • Use Turn14 stock: This setting allows you to provide store visitors with information about the quantity of the current product (number of items) in Turn14 Distribution's distribution facilities (Hatfield, PA, Arlington, TX, and Reno, NV). The setting is enabled by default for all Turn14 Distribution products.

When the setting "Use Turn14 stock" is enabled, the Inventory Tracking tab of product details also provides the following information:

  • Turn14 stock (all warehouses): Total quantity of items is stock across all Turn14 Distribution's warehouses.

  • Quantity in stock (total): Total quantity of product items that is available, including the number of items in the X-Cart store's warehouse and the number of items in all the warehouses of Turn14 Distribution: Quantity in stock (default) + Turn14 stock (all warehouses). This quantity is shown on the product details page.

Important: Please note that if a customer attempts to order a product quantity exceeding the combined quantity of items available in your store's own warehouse and Turn14 Distribution's facilities, they will be able to back order any number of items exceeding the quantity currently available. The backorder in this case will be done via Turn14 Distribution; X-Cart's own backorders functionality is disabled for any products with the setting "Use Turn14 stock" enabled.

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