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Importing Catalog Data from Keystone
Importing Catalog Data from Keystone
Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

After successful completion of the import of brands, you should be able to import catalog data from Keystone. It is recommended you check and adjust your brand import settings before importing catalog data.

It is possible to launch an import of catalog data for any specific brand manually or to adjust an import schedule for individual brands so import can be done automatically.

The Data Import page for the Keystone integration in your X-Cart store's backend will be the hub for all your catalog data import operations.

In this section, you will be able to view the list of your Keystone brands with detailed information about the import of catalog data for each brand.

The section columns provide the following information:

  • Brand Name: The name of the brand (as received from Keystone)

  • Products: The number of imported products. The number is a link that allows you to access the product list.

  • Brand ID: The AutoSync Brand ID.

  • SKU Prefix/suffix: The SKU prefix / suffix - as configured in the brand import settings.

  • Import Schedule: The brand's scheduled import date and time.

  • Import Status: The current import status for the brand.

Each brand on the list has its own Settings button that allows you to re-adjust the import preferences for the brand, if necessary.

Each brand that can be imported has its own Import button that allows you to manually launch an import of catalog data for it.

To manually launch the import of catalog data for a brand, simply click the Import button opposite the brand name. Clicking the button will create a task to import catalog data for the brand. If more than one task needs to be handled by the system, the task will be queued. The integration can provide notification messages on the same page about the status of data import. To see the current status, refresh the page.

Successfully imported products will be shown in the Products column of the brands list (The column will show the number of successfully imported products, and you will be able to access the list of those imported products by clicking the number link). If you get errors in the process of importing certain products, it will be stated in the Import Status column (Similarly, you will be able to click on the link to see what products could not be imported correctly or were imported with errors). For example, the screenshot below shows the result of importing products for the brand "303 Products": 57 products were imported successfully, and 7 products could not be imported.

Import tasks that are currently queued or in progress can be canceled by clicking the [X] button.

Note that stopping an import process does not happen immediately; it may take a few moments for the cancel action to take effect.

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