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Shipping Setup for Products That Do Not Require Shipping
Shipping Setup for Products That Do Not Require Shipping

Learn how to disable shipping for products that do not need it.

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Intangible goods (software programs, documents, online cards, and the like) do not require shipping, so if you sell such products, you need to disable shipping calculation for them. You can do this by disabling the Requires shipping toggle (in X-Cart versions 5.2.10 and earlier - Shippable) in the Shipping section of the Info tab in the product details:


If you have just a couple of products in your store for which shipping needs to be disabled, you will quickly adjust the setting as mentioned above manually for each of these products. However, if you need to set the "no shipping" rule for numerous products, visiting the product details page of each specific product only to readjust this setting will not be practical. In this case, you can disable shipping for multiple products at once using the add-on Bulk Editing or X-Cart's Import/Export feature.

For information on how to bulk-edit the shipping info (including the Requires shipping setting) of multiple products in your store using the Bulk Editing add-on, see the section Bulk Editing.

To find out how to format your CSV import file with product information to disable shipping for imported products, see the section CSV Import: Products.

Note that if you need to disable shipping for all products in your store, you can also do it using X-Cart's Onboarding Wizard add-on. First, select the "Mark all products as non-shippable" option at the step where you provide information about your shipping preferences. Then, you can skip the rest of the wizard steps.

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