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The X-Cart Post-Checkout Upsell add-on implements post-purchase upsells in your online store. Upsell is when you offer your customer a product complementary to what they are already buying. Upsells are a good thing as they help you to grow your sales.

However, flooding your customer with offers, especially before they have completed checkout, may not be a good idea. In the age of shortened attention spans and abandoned carts, one may easily divert the customer's attention before they get to complete checkout, and you will lose your sale. The Post-Checkout Upsell add-on combats this risk by allowing you to make your offer after the customer completes their purchase.

How it works

The add-on Post-Checkout Upsell enables a product recommendation block that pops up for the customer to see after the customer completes checkout for a product with related products linked to it. The popup block shows one or more products related to the one already purchased and offers a quick way to buy any of them with just a couple of clicks.

For example, the screenshot below captures the moment after purchasing a product named "Cocooil Body Oil" in our demo store. In the background, you can see the Invoice page for our purchase. A popup block titled "Anything else, maybe?" overlays on top of it. This popup block is the one enabled by the Post-Checkout Upsell add-on.

Note that the block title used by default (Anything else, maybe?) can be changed by the store administrator if required.

Within the popup block shown on the screenshot above, you can see two product recommendations: Barth Body Oil and Facial Spray. These products appear in the popup because a store admin has specified them as related to the "Cocooil Body Oil" product. There is also a slot for at least one more product recommendation in the popup, but it is empty at this time because "Cocooil Body Oil" has only two related products. The store administrator can change the number of slots for product recommendations in the popup block.

After reviewing the product recommendations in the popup block, the customer can add any of the recommended products to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button for that product.

What happens next depends on the add-on settings as configured by the store administrator. Finally, the store will exercise one of the following behaviors:

  • The product chosen by the customer will be added to the shopping cart. The popup block with post-checkout product recommendations will be closed. The customer will be redirected to the checkout page with all the order info fields pre-completed based on their previous order. To complete the purchase of the product added to the cart, the customer will have to click the "Place Order" button once again.

  • The product chosen by the customer will be added to the shopping cart. The popup block with post-checkout product recommendations will remain displayed on the screen, allowing the customer to add more products from other product recommendations to the shopping cart. Once the customer completes adding the recommended products to their cart, they will need to close the popup block manually. After closing the popup block, the customer will still be on the Invoice page from the previous purchase. They will need to initiate a new checkout from the mini cart or the shopping cart page to complete the new purchase.

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