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Update Step 2: Checking for Warnings
Update Step 2: Checking for Warnings

Learn what warnings you may see when running update and what your actions should be.

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When you decide to proceed with the updates, check if there are any warnings from the X-Cart App Store like the one on the screen below:

  • If your store has any update hooks for the add-ons that are disabled (not active), the system will prompt you to activate them. An add-on must be active for the update hooks to run correctly. That is the reason why the add-on must be either enabled or deleted.

  • If your store has add-ons that do not exist in the App Store (e.g., you uploaded them via the Upload add-on button) and apply the 3rd or 4th number updates, you will see a warning to disable these add-ons, although it is not strictly necessary. If you are doing a major update affecting the 1st or 2nd version number, you will see a reminder that such add-ons will be disabled automatically.

  • If your store has any modified files, the system will warn you to contact the add-on developers for help with the files' adaptation for the upcoming update.

  • If your access to updates has expired and you see a warning like the one below, you need to renew the access to updates to apply minor and major updates. You can ignore the warning and proceed further with the bugfix updates (the 4th number updates).

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