PREREQUISITES: Do a full store backup, including all store files and the database before launching a store update.

Provided you have read the changelog and done the required store backups, you can proceed to the update installation itself.

To install an update:

1. Scroll down the page to the bottom of the list of updates. There you will see the checkboxes for you to confirm that you have made a full store backup and agree to the deletion of unused add-ons (if applicable).

With your confirmation, the Continue button becomes active.

2. Click the Continue button to install the selected update components.

Clicking the Continue button locks both the store Admin area and the Customer storefront from any actions and launches the download and installation of the update packs necessary for the core and add-ons.

The process continues as follows:

  • Files are extracted;

  • Filesystem permissions are checked;

  • Files are scanned for external changes;

  • Pre-upgrade hooks are applied;

  • Files are updated and codebase backup is created;

  • Script state is updated;

  • Add-on status is updated;

  • Codebase and PHP opcode caches are cleared;

  • Data cache is cleared and fresh codebase cache is created;

  • PHP opcode cache is cleared;

  • The database migration script is created;

  • The database migration script is applied;

  • Doctrine proxy classes are created;

  • Data fixtures are updated;

  • Quick data are generated;

  • CSS rules and style sheets are created for storefront;

  • CSS rules and style sheets are created for the admin area;

  • Templates are compiled, APC and opcode caches are cleared;

  • Add-ons are removed, backup is cleared;

  • Add-on metadata are updated;

  • Common upgrade actions are applied;

  • Post upgrade hooks are executed (rebuilt);

  • Post rebuild hooks are applied;

  • The storefront is unlocked.

3. Once the installation completes, the store Admin area and the Customer storefront unlock, and you see a screen saying all done.

4. Check that your store looks and functions correctly after the update. Use the respective buttons to open your store Admin area and Customer storefront in the new browser tabs.

In case of any issues, use the Rollback link on the “All done!” screen to cancel the changes and reverse the store to the original state.

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