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Update Step 1: Checking for Updates
Update Step 1: Checking for Updates

Learn how to initiate an update of an X-Cart based store.

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Once per day, each X-Cart store checks the X-Cart App Store for updates. The response caches for 24 hours. If you need to clear cache:

  • use the "Check for updates" button in the Upgrade Options section of the Environment page of your store Admin area (System Tools -> Environment);


  • use the link <YOUR_STORE_URL>/service.php?/clear-cache instead.

If there is any kind of update available, you will see the "Updates are available" link in the header of the Admin area:


The color of the "Updates are available" link background in the header may be either green or orange. The orange color signifies that only a feature release is available. The green color indicates that a bug-fix release and add-ons updates are available (or both a bug-fix release and a feature release are available).


Also, an updates notification displays on the store Admin area homepage:

To check what updates are available for your store, click on any “Updates are available” link. The Updates page of the X-Cart App Store opens with a list of all updates available for your store.

There can be three types of updates in your X-Cart-based store:

  • Updates for the App Store,

  • Minor Updates,

  • Major Upgrades.

If there is more than one update option available for your store at a time, select the one you require:

  • To get updates from the App Store to make updating your store more secure and stable, click on the Install Update button in the Updates for App Store section.

  • To get bug fixes for your current X-Cart version, click on the View & Update button in the Minor update section.

  • To get both the bug fixes and the new features, click on the View & Upgrade button in the Major upgrade section.

The workflow is the same for any update you need to apply:

Important: Please note that Minor and Major Updates/Upgrades may cause issues with custom add-ons/modules in your store. We recommend that you consult your project manager before applying these types of updates to avoid any issues.

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