Once per day, each X-Cart store checks the X-Cart App Store for updates. The response caches for 24 hours. If you need to clear cache:

  • use the "Check for updates" button in the Upgrade options section of the Environment page of your store Admin area (System tools -> Environment);


  • use the link <YOUR_STORE_URL>/service.php?/clear-cache instead.

If there is any kind of update available, the "Updates are available" link displays in the header of the Admin area:


The color of the "Updates are available" link background in the header may be either green or orange. The orange color signifies that only a feature release is available. The green color signifies that a bug-fix release and add-ons updates are available (or both a bug-fix release and a feature release are available).


Also, an updates notification displays on the store Admin area homepage:

To check what updates are available for your store, click on any of the “Updates are available” links. The Updates page of the X-Cart App Store opens with a list of all updates available for your store at the moment.

Basically, there can be 3 types of updates in your X-Cart based store - Updates for App Store, Minor Updates, and Major Upgrades.

If there is more than one update option available for your store at a time, select the one you require:

  • To get updates from the App Store to make the process of updating your store more secure and stable, click on the Install Update button in the Updates for App Store section.

  • To get bug-fixes for your current X-Cart version, click on the View & Update button in the Minor update section.

  • To get both the bug-fixes and the new features, click on the View & Upgrade button in the Major upgrade section.

The workflow is the same for any type of update you need to apply:

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