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X-Cart Update System Overview
X-Cart Update System Overview

Learn the basic principles of X-Cart software updates.

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X-Cart software uses a four-part versioning scheme. The first two numbers in the version identifier represent the major software version, the third number - the minor version, and the fourth number - the build version (bugfix release).

As a result, X-Cart uses two types of version updates:

  • Major updates increase the first three parts in the version number (major and minor version numbers). For example, an update from 5.3.x to 5.4.x or from 5.4.0.x to 5.4.1.x.

  • Minor updates increase the fourth number (build version number). For example, an update involving the version number change from to

The type of update reflects the significance of the changes it implements. Major updates provide both new features and bug fixes, whereas minor updates provide bug fixes only.

The new features implemented by a major rather than minor update rely on developments of the core, which imply changes in the interfaces of classes and methods' signatures. Consequently, a minor update does not require changes in the add-ons (except for the custom ones), whereas a major upgrade may imply the add-on compatibility changes.

4th number update to

3rd number update

5.4.0.x to 5.4.1.x

2nd number update

5.3.x to 5.4.x

Bugfixes only


New features

Minor API changes


New features

Major API changes

Free anytime*

Free with an active upgrade subscription

Free with an active upgrade subscription

* Free updates do not exclude a reminder to renew access to upgrades if the bugfix, minor and major updates are available simultaneously. You can ignore this warning and proceed with a bugfix update as described here.

If major and minor updates are available simultaneously, the store administrator can choose which to apply. As a result of a minor update, the store will fix the latest bugfix release within its version branch. As a result of a major update, the store will get the latest version updates with all the new features and bug fixes available to the store’s license.

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