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About Google Analytics

Learn why you need to use Google Analytics in your X-Cart store.

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For your store to thrive and succeed in the eCommerce industry, you need to make informed decisions: quick enough that you won't be left out to dry and sound enough that you can still afford to stay ahead of your competition. Decisions should be based on different statistics gathered through your store, and it isn't easy to trace all this info manually. Hence you'll need an instrument that will do this for you.

While there are a lot of analytics tools online, the most popular by far is Google Analytics. This tool is robust, powerful, and, most importantly, accessible. It isn't easy to master, but it does give you tremendous insight into your business.

X-Cart is integrated with Google Analytics through the Google Analytics add-on, which is free and available in all X-Cart editions. The add-on enables you to collect statistics on your website and analyze the store traffic and marketing effectiveness. The gathered insights will help you make the right improvements in your online store, as it may have a lot of holes that are draining your bank account. If you don't spend time on analytics of the kind, the time will come when your eCommerce ship will sink drastically.

Analytics is a vital component of your responsibility as an eCommerce store merchant. Tracking transactions in Google Analytics allows you to measure user interactions across the user's entire online shopping experience, including product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds. In addition, the eCommerce reports provide information on the value of traffic by geography, keyword, referral, campaign, and many other dimensions. You can see eCommerce performance metrics on the eCommerce tab of many reports.

With Google Analytics, you are more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites.

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