Before configuring the Google Analytics add-on in X-Cart, you should obtain a Web Property ID in the Google Analytics account that you will bind to your online store and set up this Google Analytics account.

For this purpose:

  1. Open the Google Analytics account you want to use and locate the Web Property ID value there.

    Current integration does not support Google Analytics 4 property. Enable the Universal Analytics option when creating a Google Analytics account.

    If you already have a Web Property ID, find it following the steps below:

    • Log in to Google Marketing Platform, using a Google account that owns the Analytics profile for that you want to get an ID;

    • Locate the accounts list at the top of the page;

    • In the list, locate the account you need and click on it to see the details. The Web Property ID will be the entry starting with the "UA" prefix in the Properties & Apps column.

    If you don't have a Web Property ID, create a new one following the steps below:

    • Register at Google Marketing Platform using your Google account;

    • Follow the basic steps to create a new account and get a tracking ID;
      Do not forget to enable the Universal Analytics property under Advanced options in Step 2 of the GA account creation.

    • Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement;

    • Your Web Property ID is in the Property -> Tracking info -> Tracking Code section.

  2. Copy the Web Property ID value. You will need it later to configure the X-Cart Google Analytics add-on.

  3. Proceed to the E-Commerce Settings section of the Google Analytics admin:


  4. Switch on the "Enable E-commerce" and "Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting" toggles and Save the configuration settings.


  5. Move on with creating five funnel steps to match the actions that X-Cart will submit to Google Analytics at checkout:

    • Click the Add funnel step button, name the step and click Finished;


    • Click Save when all five funnel steps are ready.


      The recommended names for the funnel steps are as follows:

      • Checkout Step 1 - Address

      • Checkout Step 2 - Shipping method

      • Checkout Step 3 - Payment method

      • Checkout Step 4 - Place order

      • Checkout Step 5 - Invoice

These funnel names match the actions X-Cart submits to Google Analytics at checkout. You will be able to trace stats on these actions in the Conversions -> Checkout behavior section of your Google Analytics account.

If the funnel steps are not created, the stats data will still submit, but it won't have a visual representation that you can get quickly.

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