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Translating Product Catalog via Import/Export
Translating Product Catalog via Import/Export

Learn how to translate a product catalog in bulk using the Import/Export toll of your store Admin area.

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Use the Import-Export feature when you need to translate your store product catalog as a whole. Export the existing categories and product data into a CSV file, edit it and then import it back into the store.

Using this method, you can translate product and category names and brief and full descriptions, and the rest of the details you need.

Before translating your product catalog, ensure you installed the respective language pack.

To translate a product catalog:

  1. Export the current catalog data:

    • Go to the Export page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Export):

    • Export data as described in How to Export Data.

      As a result, you will get a CSV file with the default labels’ names and values.

  2. Open the exported CSV file in any spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc, etc.)

  3. Delete all the tables except for SKU and the tables marked with EN (the labels marked with EN can be translated and imported back).

    You should get a file content similar to the following:


  4. Rename the EN tables to match the target language (e.g., change name_en to name_de if your target language is German).

  5. Fill in the new tables with the translation (e.g., the name_de table should contain the name of a product/category in German).

    As a result, you will get a file similar to the one shown below:


  6. Save the CSV file with the SKU and DE tables and import it back to your store as described in How to Import Data.

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