Template Editor (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)

Learn about the tool that enables you to easily locate templates for modification directly on the storefront and customize them on the spot

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Template Editor is a tool of the Theme Tweaker add-on that aims at editing the code of the template files (.twig and .html). Use it when you need to change the default template (layout) elements (not a text description or a CSS code) or to create a new custom template. You can use this tool both in the Admin area and in the storefront of your X-Cart-based store.

All changes applied via the Template Editor tool are recorded on a special page in the store's Admin area ( Look & Feel -> Edited Templates), with a possibility for a store administrator to cancel the applied changes and to restore the default templates if required.

If you do not feel confident applying customizations yourself, contact us for help.

We are always at your disposal!

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