Before you can start sending abandoned cart reminders to the owners of abandoned carts, you need to configure the reminders' content. It is possible to set up multiple reminders and specify a sending method (automatic or manual) for each of them. If the Coupons add-on is installed in your store, you can also specify whether sending a reminder should create a discount coupon for a customer or not.

To create an abandoned cart reminder:

1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Email Notifications page (Store Setup -> Email Notifications) and click the Cart Reminders tab.

2. On the Cart Reminders panel, click New reminder:

This opens the New Cart Reminder form, which you can use to add a new reminder.

3. Complete the form fields to provide the details of the new reminder:

  • Name: Enter a name by which you will identify the reminder in the store’s Admin area (This name will not be visible to customers).

  • Send automatically: Select this check box if you want the reminder to be sent automatically. Leave unselected if you are going to send the reminder manually.

    - For reminders configured to be sent automatically, the sending of reminder emails will be handled using X-Cart’s script for scheduled tasks, console.php (Your server needs to be configured to run this script periodically. See Scheduled X-Cart Tasks).

    - For reminders configured to be sent manually, the sending of reminder emails will need to be handled by you or another admin user with permission to execute the task. For instructions on how to send reminders manually, see Sending Reminders.

    The choice of automatic vs. manual sending method for any individual reminder should be made based on the intended audience of the message: for messages intended for all the customers who happened to abandon their shopping cart, choose the automatic sending method; for messages that you wish to be sent only to some of the customers, choose the manual sending method.

  • Send automatically in (hours): Specify the minimum number of hours that X-Cart should wait before sending this reminder to the owner of an abandoned cart. (This setting will apply only if the automatic sending method is used). Once a reminder is configured to be sent automatically, you can expect it to be sent after the script console.php is run. At each run, the script will conduct a check to determine whether the time has come to send the reminder for any X-abandoned carts present in the system. Then, the system will send reminders for all the carts that have been in the abandoned state for a period of time equal to or longer than the period specified by the “Send automatically in (hours)” setting.

  • New coupon amount: If you want a discount coupon to be automatically created for each of the abandoned cart owners to whom this reminder will be sent, specify the coupon discount amount. This can be set to a fixed amount (example: “5”) or a percentage off (example: “5%”). If you do not want the reminder to create coupons, leave this field empty, or set this value to “0”.

  • Coupon expires in (days): Specify the number of days in which coupons created by the reminder will expire. (This setting becomes available if the New coupon amount option is enabled)

  • Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons: Use this option to limit the reminder coupon application. (This setting becomes available if the New coupon amount option is enabled).

Configure the template used for the reminder email messages: enter the subject line and the message body.

  • The fields E-mail subject (no coupon) and E-mail body (no coupon) are intended for reminder emails that will not create coupons.

  • The fields E-mail subject (with coupon) and E-mail body (with coupon) are intended for reminder emails sent with a coupon.

    The fields E-mail subject (no coupon) and E-mail body (no coupon) are required and need to be completed anyway - even if you are setting up a reminder that will create coupons. So complete them with the same values as the E-mail subject (with coupon) and E-mail body (with coupon) fields.

    When editing the subject and the body of the template, you can use the following tokens:
    [COMPANY_NAME] - Name of your company from the store’s settings;
    [NAME] - Full name of the customer (This will be empty for customers who have not specified their names);
    [CART_ITEMS] - Information on the items in the customer’s cart;[RECOVERY_LINK] - URL to recover the cart;
    [COUPON_CODE] - Code of the coupon created by the reminder;[COUPON_AMOUNT] - Coupon discount;
    [COUPON_EXPIRES] - Coupon expiration date.

A sample reminder template that uses some of the above tokens can be found in the Default e-mail reminder in your store’s reminders list. If you want to send coupons in reminder emails, make sure you included the coupon-related tokens in the template's body.

4. Click Create to save the changes. The new reminder will be created and added to the abandoned cart reminders list.

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