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A general overview of the add-on facilities.

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The Abandoned Cart Reminder add-on allows you to follow up with shoppers who had items in their cart but left without completing checkout and possibly convert their abandoned carts to sales.

The add-on collects the shopping cart contents of customers who abandoned their carts and allows you to remind them about the unfinished order via an email message. All communication with abandoned cart owners is done via email. Hence, you need to have their email addresses. Therefore, the add-on only works for carts abandoned by customers logged in to their account while adding items to their cart or leaving checkout after completing at least the first section - including the email field - of the checkout page.

Depending on your needs, you can automate sending abandoned cart reminder messages or choose to email your messages manually.

When used with the add-on Coupons, the add-on Abandoned Cart Reminder allows you to include discount coupons into the abandoned cart emails sent to customers.

The add-on can also gather cart recovery statistics that allow you to evaluate which of your cart abandonment email campaigns have been successful.

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