Abandoned Cart Management

Learn where to view the abandoned carts list, how to filter and maintain it.

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When a cart becomes abandoned, it is added to your store’s abandoned carts list. You can access it on the Abandoned Carts page of your store Admin area (Orders > Abandoned Carts). If your store has any abandoned carts, you will see them listed there.

The list of abandoned carts is presented in the form of a table. For each cart on the list, the following information is provided:

  • Email: The email address of the abandoned cart owner.

  • Products: Information about the products contained in the abandoned cart (product names, quantities, selected options).

  • Subtotal: Subtotal amount of the abandoned order.

  • Coupons: (This column displays when Abandoned Cart Reminder is used in conjunction with the Coupons add-on) Coupon codes generated for the abandoned cart.

  • Date: Since when the cart has been in the abandoned state.

  • Notified: Whether any abandoned cart reminder emails have been sent to the cart owner and how many times (+ the date of the latest email).

The Abandoned Carts page allows you to filter the list by an email substring and a date range:

When you no longer need an abandoned cart to be stored, you can delete it.

To delete an abandoned cart:

  • Select the abandoned cart you wish to delete from the list by enabling the respective check box in the first column.

  • Click the Clear selected carts button.

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