You can view your store's list of abandoned cart reminders on the Abandoned Cart Reminders page in your store Admin area:

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Email Notifications > Cart Reminders

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Settings > Email Notifications > Abandoned Cart Reminders

A store administrator can use the tools provided on the page for reminders management:

  • Cross: Use the icon in the first column to set the reminder's position in the list. Drag-n-drop this icon to re-sort reminders into the list.

  • Clock: The icon in the second column, either green or gray, reflects your choice of sending method for the reminder. Reminders selected to be sent automatically have a green icon, and reminders sent manually have a gray icon.

  • Name: The name by which you will identify a reminder in the store's Admin area; your customers never see it.

  • Delay (hours): The minimum number of hours that X-Cart will wait before sending this reminder for an abandoned cart - if the reminder is configured to be sent automatically.

  • Coupon discount: The discount amount that will be offered to the customer. Zero (0) or empty value means that sending the reminder will not create coupons.

  • Expire (days): The number of days when coupons created by the reminder will expire.

  • Trash icon: Use it to delete a reminder from the list.

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