You can view the list of abandoned cart reminders that have been set up for your store on the Cart Reminders tab of the Email notifications page in your store Admin area (Store setup >Email notifications).

For each reminder on the list, the following information is provided:

  • Cross: The icon in the first column that reflects the reminders position in the list. Drag-n-drop this icon to re-sort reminders in the list.

  • Clock: The icon in the second column, either green or gray, that reflects your choice of sending method for the reminder. Reminders selected to be sent automatically have a green icon, reminders that are to be sent manually - a gray icon.

  • Name: The name by which you will identify a reminder in the store’s Admin area; your customers never see it.

  • Delay (hours): The minimum number of hours that X-Cart will wait before sending this reminder for an abandoned cart - if the reminder is configured to be sent automatically.

  • Coupon discount: The discount amount that will be offered to the customer. “0” or empty value means that sending the reminder will not create coupons.

  • Expire (days): The number of days in which coupons created by the reminder will expire.

  • Trash icon: Use it to delete a reminder from the list.

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