Editing Reminders on the Reminder Details Page

You can edit any abandoned cart reminders that have been created in your store, including both the email message template and such parameters as the sending method, the coupon amount, etc.

To edit a reminder:

1. Open the Cart Reminders tab of the Email Notifications page in your store Admin area (Store Setup -> Email Notifications) to view the reminders list.

2. In the abandoned cart reminders list, click on the reminder name that needs to be edited.

This opens the page where you can review and edit the reminder details:

3. Edit the parameters of the reminder and/or make changes to the email template.

4. Click Update to save the changes. The reminder will be updated.

Editing Reminders on the Listing Page

The reminders listing page allows switching the sending method from automatic to manuals and vise versa. A store admin can also edit the numeric parameters of individual reminders on this page.

Changing the Sending Method

The sending method for a reminder can also be changed directly on the Abandoned cart reminders listing page.

To change the sending method:

1. Use the clock icon to activate or deactivate the reminder emails' automatic sending: (green) = the reminder must be sent automatically; (gray) = the reminder must be sent manually.

2. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the list to save the changes. The sending method will be updated.

Editing Properties

It is also possible to quickly edit the numeric parameters of individual reminders straight from the listing page. When you hover your cursor over a specific line in the Abandoned cart reminders list, the editable fields become highlighted.

To start editing, click on the field you want to edit. This opens the field for editing.

Make the required change, and click outside the field to close it.

You can also use the Tab key to close the current field and open the next one for editing.

When you’re done editing, be sure to save the changes using the Save changes button at the bottom of the list.

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