Bulk-Editing Orders

Learn how to process more than one order at a time.

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The order listing page of your store's Admin area (Orders -> Orders List) supports orders' bulk-editing.

First, a store admin can change the payment and fulfillment statuses on a per-order basis.

For this purpose:

  • On the order listing page, select the appropriate payment or fulfillment status for an order in the respective drop-down;

  • Click the Save changes button to submit the changes.

If you need to edit more than one order at a time, use check-boxes opposite the orders to select them from the list and the bulk-editing panel at the bottom of the page for alterations.


The options for bulk edit are:

  • Print selected: A store admin can print an invoice or a packing slip on their choice.

  • Change the payment status for selected: The payment status should be changed only for the orders placed using offline payment methods. The payment status for the orders paid via online payment processors is updated automatically.

  • Change fulfillment status for selected: The fulfillment status should be updated each time an order progresses in the fulfillment chain regardless of the payment method used.

  • Delete selected: A store admin can clear the order history.

Each time an order is updated, a customer receives a special email notification. More info on the email notifications you can find in the Email Notifications section

The bulk-editing tool also allows exporting orders into a CSV file directly on the orders listing page. Use the "Export all: CSV" button for this purpose or select the orders that should be exported and click "Export selected: CSV."

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