Suppose a buyer submits a return request not using a special Return button in the customer account but through other communication sources (regular email, phone call, etc.). The request, as a result, is not recorded on the Returns page of your store Admin area.

A store admin may also need a way to issue a return for an order. For such cases, create a return for an order using the Create Return tab of the order details page:


To document the return on behalf of a customer:

  • Locate an order you need to return on the order listing page (Orders -> Orders List) and open the order details page.

  • Open the Create Return tab of the order details page;

  • Choose items, specify the reason and add comments if required;

  • Click Submit return.

Your store will register a claim for return, transforming the page into a regular Order Return page where a store admin can either authorize or decline the request, as described in Processing Customer Requests for Return.

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