Promotion is a feature available to users on paid accounts. It allows the store administrator to promote products, categories, manufacturers, and even pages by prioritizing them among the search results for certain queries. To create a promotion, the administrator selects an item and links it to a query. As a result, this item appears on the first line of search results in the CloudSearch widget.

Creating Promotions

Let us imagine that you are selling smartphones and promote, for example, iPhones (all of them, or just a certain SKU).

Here’s how you can create a promotion:

1. In the store’s Admin area, go to the Catalog -> CloudSearch & CloudFilters section, locate the Promotions tab, and click Add Promotion:

A popup window titled “Add promotion” will display:

2. In the “Add promotion” popup window, select what you want to be promoted. You can choose between products, categories, manufacturers, and pages.

Then, click inside the text field and start typing either the name or the SKU (for products and categories).

CloudSearch will provide search results as you type. As soon as you see the item you require, click on the name, and it will be added.

3. In the same popup, specify one or more search queries for which the selected product should be listed in the topmost position of the CloudSearch widget's search results.

To enter multiple search queries, separate the individual queries with commas (,) or press ENTER after each query as you type.

4. Click Add promotion.

The promotion has been created. You should see it in the Promotions list:

Now, if you search for “iphone” or “mobile” or any other key from the list in the storefront, you should geta link to iPhone 8 Plus on the first line of search results under “Products”:

If you decide to add more search queries to promotion later on, just type them next to the ones you have added previously and save the changes.

Setting the order of promotions in search results.

If you choose to configure multiple promotions for the same search query, you will adjust the order in which the promotions should be displayed in the search results inside the CloudSearch widget in your store’s front end.

Use arrows to move a promotion up or down:

The new order will be saved automatically.

Deleting promotions

You can delete any promotion you no longer need.

To delete a promotion:

  • Click on the trash icon opposite the respective promotion.

  • Confirm your choice in the popup.

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