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General information on the CloudFilters extension to CloudSearch.

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The CloudFilters extension of the CloudSearch add-on aims to narrow down search results and help your customers navigate an extensive list of products to find items matching specific filtering criteria. In addition, filters will be dynamically adjusted to your customers' needs, automatically updating the count values to reflect the current search's correct number of terms.

Filters are displayed on a category/subcategory page, search page, and brands page (if the add-on Shop by Brand is enabled).

Filters display dynamically based on the content of the page. Accordingly, the filters for one category will not be the same as the filters for another, and both of them will differ from the filters displayed on the search page.

The filter sets displayed on a page are automatically narrowed down and built based on the relevant product attributes, tags, and vendor info. The selected filters are saved in the URL to share links to the filtered products list easily. It is not only handy for the users but may also be advantageous for SEO.

Once a filter has been applied, all the images and prices update at once.

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