CloudSearch is a SaaS solution that integrates with X-Cart to enable dynamic, real-time product search, including autosuggest and spelling correct in an X-Cart-based store.

CloudSearch comes preinstalled in all X-Cart software editions. The 30-day free trial of CloudSearch starts automatically as soon as you start using X-Cart. You can view your current CloudSearch trial status or upgrade to paid service via the CloudSearch Dashboard.

You can also use the Dashboard to control the search behavior, gather statistics, and gain insights on user behavior and demands.

CloudSearch is easy to use. Just start typing in the search box in your storefront. Search results start to be displayed instantly and are refined as the user continues typing. If it is on your site, it will be found.

The search covers categories, manufacturers, and static pages and product attributes such as product name, description, SKU, product options, extra fields, category, and manufacturer. In addition, CloudSearch recognizes word forms and provides other advanced full-text search capabilities. The CloudSearch widget in your store interacts directly with our cloud without increasing the load on your server.

Using CloudSearch proved to increase conversion rates.

CloudFilters can supplement CloudSearch to create a rich faceted search experience for your web store. CloudFilters provides an efficient way to navigate a large list of products to find items matching certain filtering criteria. Customers can express their search needs conveniently and naturally — filter by price, category, brand, size, color, or any other attribute they want.

The 30-day free trial of CloudFilters can be enabled from the CloudSearch settings page.

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