CloudSearch Widget Setup

Learn how to configure the widget layout and colors and enable CloudSearch for the Admin area.

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A store administrator can configure the CloudSearch widget settings in the "Settings" tab of the "CloudSearch & CloudFilters" Add-on Settings page (Catalog -> CloudSearch & CloudFilters).

This page allows defining the widget layout and colors and enabling CloudSearch facilities for the store Admin area.

CloudSearch Widget Layout

The Widget Layout section of the page allows defining the number of items included in the displayed search results per data type.

A store administrator can also set priorities for the search results display and re-arrange the default layout order. For example, if you need search results for any data type displayed first, drag-n-drop this data type to the top position using the "Cross" icon in front of it.

CloudSearch Widget Colors

The default colors of the CloudSearch widgets you can see on the screen below.

If necessary, you can configure the CloudSearch widget to match your brand colors. Use the "Widget Colors" section of the "Settings" page for this purpose.

To change the colors:

  1. Enable the "Override links' colors" toggle.

  2. Then, select the preferred link and link hover colors.

CloudSearch Widget in the Admin

By default, CloudSearch facilities apply to the customer storefront only.

If you wish to use the same search type in the Admin area, enable the "Admin search" toggle on the "Settings" page.

CloudSearch will assist you with the product search on your store Admin area's products listing page when enabled.

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