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The add-on Product Stickers enables you to label any products in your store with custom stickers to deliver additional information to your store visitors.

Product Stickers Installation and Setup

To start using the add-on, install it as described in Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

After installing the add-on, proceed to the add-on settings page to configure the add-on settings.

  • Display product labels as stickers: If enabled, the default product labels (sale, market price, etc.) are displayed as stickers.

  • Allow vendors to edit product stickers: If enabled, vendors can create, edit, and assign product stickers to their products. The setting applies only to X-Cart editions with Multivendor functionality.

After adjusting the settings, be sure to click Submit to make them active.

Creating Product Stickers

Now you can create some product stickers. To create a new product sticker:

  1. Open the Product Stickers section in the Admin/Vendor area (Catalog -> Product Stickers) and click Create:

  2. On the blank new line that appears, enter a sticker name and select the text and background colors:

    To select a color:

    • Click within the color field you want to edit to access the color selection panel.

    • Use the color palette to pick the color you require.

    • Click the multicolored round button in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel to select the color.

    • Save the sticker using the Save changes button.

After creating a product sticker, you can assign it to products.

Assigning Stickers to Products

To assign a sticker to a product:

  1. In the product list (Catalog -> Products), find the product to add a sticker and open the product details for viewing/editing.

  2. On the Info tab of the product details page, locate the Product stickers field:

    The field is a drop-down box; use it to select the sticker you apply to the product.

  3. Update the product details to save your changes.

That is it. The product sticker has been assigned to the product.

Your customers can now see the sticker on the respective product tile on the storefront.

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