To use X-Cart 5, you need a license which must be activated for your store.

Paid (non-free) add-ons for X-Cart 5 are also provided with licenses that require activation.

For each X-Cart 5 license you get a license activation key which you must use to activate your license.

This guide shows how to activate licenses for X-Cart core software (X-Cart Enterprise and X-Cart Enterprise Multivendor editions) and for X-Cart add-ons.

Activate a License for X-Cart Enterprise or X-Cart Enterprise Multivendor

After you have paid for your X-Cart Enterprise or X-Cart Enterprise Multivendor license, you get a message at your license registration email address with the subject “Activate your X-Cart license with the key inside. This message contains a 16-letter code for license activation. This code is your license key.

The same key is stored in your personal HelpDesk account in the section My Licenses:

You will want to have this key at the ready when activating your license.

If you think something is wrong and you cannot find the email message with your license key and/or experience problems logging in to your HelpDesk account, please contact X-Cart’s Customer Service at

To activate your license:

1. If you have not yet done so, log in to the Admin area of your X-Cart 5 store.

2. Click Apps.

This allows you to access the Service Tool - a screen from which you can access X-Cart App Store and X-Cart Theme Store, manage your store’s apps (add-ons) and run software updates.

3. To proceed with license activation, you need to be in any of the following sections of the Service Tools screen:

  • My Apps

  • App Store

  • Theme Store

These sections provide a button for license activation: Activate license key. For example, here you can see in the My Apps section:

In the other sections, the button is located similarly.

To access the license activation form, click this button. The license activation form opens.

4. In the license activation form, enter your 16-letter license key and click Activate.

X-Cart will activate your license. You should see a success message.

Activate a License for an X-Cart 5 Add-on

This section covers the topic of license activation for paid (non-free) add-ons for X-Cart 5.

When you purchase an X-Cart 5 add-on license, you need to activate it. Within minutes of the purchase, you get an email message with the subject "Your <Add-on name> addon key", where <Add-on name > is the actual name of the add-on. You should use this key to activate your add-on license. As soon as the license has been activated, the add-on will be automatically installed in your store.

To activate an add-on license, do the following:

1. Log in to the Admin area of your X-Cart 5 store and click Apps.

2. Access the license activation form by clicking the Activate license key button.

If you are using a trial, you will be requested to activate your X-Cart 5 license before you can activate the add-on license.

3. Enter your 16-letter license key into the appropriate field and click Activate.

Provided that the submitted license key is valid, X-Cart will install and activate the add-on. This involves automatic re-deployment of your store.

The process may take as long as a few minutes. Please keep the page open until the re-deployment process has been fully completed.

Once the add-on installation and store re-deployment have been completed, you will see a success message.

That is all. Your add-on license has been activated, and the add-on has been installed.

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