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The AntiFraud Service Connector add-on integrates your online store with AntiFraud services that identify online fraud using a sophisticated checking algorithm and reduce chargebacks.

When AntiFraud screening is enabled, X-Cart submits non-personal data about a new order to the AntiFraud service server to calculate the risk factor. The following customer information is sent to our screening servers during AntiFraud checks:

  • IP address

  • proxy IP address

  • email

  • country (billing address)

  • state (billing address)

  • city (billing address)

  • ZIP code (billing address)

  • phone

Suppose the risk factor exceeds the threshold you specified. In that case, the order is delayed for your further manual check (like a call to a buyer or asking for additional evidence of authenticity, etc.), with the detailed report being provided, so you have a clear picture of what was suspicious in that order.

AntiFraud service assesses the fraud risk factor by processing MaxMind’s GeoIP/minFraud service data via our unique algorithms. The algorithms are based on our substantial experience in online credit card processing and are specially adapted to be used in the X-Cart shopping cart system. Rolled out long ago, the service proved to be extremely helpful and effective for thousands of X-Cart merchants.

To start using the add-on, subscribe to one of the available plans. The plans differ based on the number of service requests.

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