AntiFraud Service Connection and Setup

Learn how to install the AntiFraud Service Connection add-on and configure its settings.

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To start using AntiFraud for your online store, you must install the AntiFraud Service Connector add-on. Follow the instructions from Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

After the installation, proceed to the add-on settings page to configure it. You will see three tabs there. You need to check and configure the settings on each of them:


The Settings tab allows configuring the general add-on settings.

  • AntiFraud module service key: Specify the service key from the subscription confirmation email.

  • Fraud risk factor threshold value: Specify the value from 1 to 10. Orders with a Fraud risk factor exceeding the value specified in this field will not be processed automatically. If the fraud risk factor exceeds this limit, the order will gain the Queued status.

    A fraud risk factor value provided by the AntiFraud service regarding a particular order will be a number from 1 to 10 (the greater the number, the higher the probability of fraud). The "Fraud risk factor threshold value" field allows you to specify a fraud risk level enough to consider an order fraudulent.
    For example, if you set the "Fraud risk factor threshold value" to 5 (which corresponds to 50% risk of fraud), all orders with the fraud risk factor rates from 6 to 10 will be considered potentially fraudulent. Your online store will not process such orders automatically: they will be placed with the Queued status, so you will be able to review them personally later and decide whether you want to process them. For a fraudulent order, you will be able to report the IP address from which the order originated to the AntiFraud service servers as a source of fraudulent orders. That will prevent further fraudulent orders from this IP.

  • Block order processing if risk score exceeds the threshold: Enable the toggle not to send an order to a payment gateway for processing if the fraud score is high. Customers will see the "AF Error #1: Cannot process this order. Contact administrator" message at checkout in this case.

  • Use AVS check result returned from the gateway: If enabled, your online store will compare the customer's billing address on checkout against the information stored on file by a credit card issuer. It will block any suspicious transactions if the information provided doesn't match the one stored on the credit card. The setting works for X-Payments subscriptions only.

  • AntiFraud safe distance (km): The distance between a billing address location and an IP address location you wish to be treated as safe. Any orders originating from an IP address located within the AntiFraud safe distance from the address provided by the customer at checkout will be processed as non-fraudulent. For all users outside the safe distance, the risk of fraud will be defined based on the "Fraud risk factor threshold value" setting.

  • Order total threshold: The order subtotal amount starting from which an order must be considered big. AntiFraud service believes that big orders provide a greater risk for store owners, so it uses an additional coefficient to increase the Fraud risk factor of the order if its subtotal exceeds the value provided in this field.

  • Run AntiFraud check on orders with zero-order total: This option allows you to specify whether you wish the AntiFraud service to screen the orders with the '0' (zero) order total amount.

  • Force to use the "Auth only" mode if the fraud risk factor exceeds: Define the maximum allowed value of the fraud risk factor. When exceeded, X-Cart will force to perform the transaction in the "Auth only" mode even if the payment system is set up to use a different mode.

  • Address error score: Define any score from 0 to 10 that will be assigned to an order if the AntiFraud service cannot process the customer's address.

  • "AntiFraud service key is invalid" notification to orders department: Use the toggle to enable email notifications to the store's Orders Department in case of invalid "AntiFraud module subscription key" field value.

  • "AntiFraud service key is expired" notification to orders department: This option allows you to specify whether you wish an email notification for the store's Orders Department when your AntiFraud add-on subscription key expires.

Submit the settings when you are done.

Payment Methods

Here you will see a list of payment methods enabled in your store. You need to select the payment methods falling under the AntiFraud check. The AntiFraud check will be performed only on orders placed using the specified payment methods.

High-Risk Countries

Create a list of countries that should be blocked by the AntiFraud service (a kind of "black-list"). Customers from these countries will not be able to place orders at your store.

To add a country to the list, choose the country from the drop-down box and click Add.

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