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A general overview of an order-related routine for customers buying e-goods.

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When placing an order for a digital product in an X-Cart-based store, a shopper does not have to provide any shipping related details as downloadable products do not require physical shipping:


A shopper can use any available payment options to pay for a digital product, including online and offline methods.

If a store does not require manual authorization for digital product orders, buyers will get a download link right after the payment.

If the store administrator has enabled manual review for orders with downloadable products, the buyer will not receive a download link for the product. Instead, the order will be assigned the fulfillment status "Waiting for approve."


The buyer will receive an "Order waiting for approve" email notification, of course, if the store administrator has not disabled the use of them.


After the store administrator updates the order fulfillment status to any other than "Will not deliver," the buyer will get the download link in the "Your order has been changed" email notification:


The buyer will also find the download link for the product in the "Ordered file" tab of the "My order" section in the storefront.


If the store uses X-Payments, a customer who has purchased a downloadable product on subscription will get an updated download link for the product every time they pay a subscription fee. In case the store administrator has enabled manual reviews for downloadable product orders, the customer will also have to wait for the order status to be appropriately updated to any other than "Will not deliver" before accessing the link. Also, note that the attachment changes history will not be stored, and the customer will not get any notification about the attachment changes during the subscription period.

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