The pages of your X-Cart based store are generated dynamically, and the URL of each page is also formed dynamically based on a query to the store’s database. For example, a typical product page URL looks like the following:

Dynamic URLs containing query strings pose a problem for SEO because they stop many search engines from indexing such pages. They are also difficult to read and remember for your store’s human visitors.

We recommend using the so-called “clean” URLs feature to solve the problems posed by dynamic URLs. Clean URLs are SEO-friendly and human-readable URLs that are used instead of the original dynamic ones. With clean URLs enabled, the above-cited page URL could look like or (You have complete control of what the URL says to your customers.)

See Setting up SEO-friendly URLs to learn how to configure clean URLs in your store.

Generally, clean URLs can be defined for:

  • products (see the Marketing section of a product details page when adding a new product or editing an existing one):

  • categories:

  • content pages (Content > Pages):


By default, X-Cart generates clean URLs for pages automatically. You can have X-Cart create a clean URL for a page at any time simply by saving/updating the page with the Autogenerate Clean URL checkbox option enabled.

If, however, you prefer to add or edit a previously added clean URL manually, you can do so by unchecking the Autogenerate Clean URL option and editing the contents of the Clean URL field directly.

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