Once the add-on has been installed and enabled, proceed to configure the add-on settings:

The following settings can be adjusted:

  • API Token: Copy and paste your TaxJar API token into X-Cart.

  • Enable tax calculation: Toggle this setting on if you need taxes to be calculated at checkout in accordance with the store nexus.

  • Enable tax reporting: Toggle this setting on if you need the X-Cart order and refund transactions to be imported into TaxJar automatically. Orders are imported immediately after they have been paid for and delivered in a complete status (the order payment status is Paid and the fulfillment status is Shipped or Delivered).

  • Do not create order in case of tax calculation error: Toggle this setting on to stop order creation in case if the tax calculation fails. (The setting is available only if Enable tax calculation is enabled.)

  • Automatically calculate taxes for: Choose the states the auto taxes calculation will be available for (taxes will be calculated only for the shipping addresses that match the store nexus).

  • Debug mode: Toggle this setting on to include debug information into the tax_jar log file.

Click Submit to make the settings active.

When TaxJar is connected proceed to the Store setup-> Taxes section to configure the add-on further. Here you can set up your nexus addresses in TaxJar:

Click on the link Manage your nexus addresses. You will be redirected to TaxJar where you can add the nexus state(s) valid for your store. TaxJar will automatically calculate and report taxes for the nexus state(s) specified in your account.

Also, you can assign TaxJar category tax codes to product tax classes to support product exemptions. For this purpose open the Tax classes tab of the Store setup -> Taxes section, create your product tax classes (if they are not created as yet) and assign TaxJar category codes to your product tax classes.

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