To enable TaxJar Sales Tax Automation at your X-Cart store, follow the steps below:

First, get an account with TaxJar to get an API token. You will need to enter it on the TaxJar Sales Tax Automation add-on settings page in your X-Cart store.

Then, configure your company settings and tax profile in TaxJar. You can get started by clicking Account on the navigation bar:

  • Specify your company details in the Business Profile section. Keeping business profile up to date is important as TaxJar will use your address to determine tax rules in some cases.

  • Add states with nexus in the State Settings section (where your company needs to calculate sales and use tax due to “substantial physical presence” in a taxing jurisdiction)

After that, enable TaxJar Sales Tax Automation in your X-Cart store:

  • Configure the add-on TaxJar Sales Tax Automation.

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