Creating Coupons

Learn how to create coupons with the Discount Coupons add-on facilities.

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To create a coupon:

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to the Coupons section (Discounts > Coupons) and select to create a new coupon by clicking the New discount coupon button.

    A page for coupon creation opens.

  2. On this page, specify the properties of your discount coupon:

    • Vendor: This field is available only in X-Cart Multivendor. For information on using this field, see Coupons: Usage with Multivendor.

    • Code: Specify a code (an alpha-numeric combination) that a buyer will need to enter at checkout to redeem the coupon.

    • Comment: Add a comment to help you identify this coupon. Coupon comment is visible only to the coupon owner.

    • Enabled: Use this setting to activate/deactivate the coupon for customers.

    • Discount type: Select the type of discount provided by the coupon. The following options are available:

      • - $ off - a discount for a fixed amount in the store currency;

      • - Percent - a percentage discount;

      • - Free shipping - a discount for the amount of the order shipping cost.

        The "Free shipping" type is only available if you are using the "Free Shipping and Shipping Freight" add-on alongside the "Coupons" add-on.

    • Discount amount: Set the discount value a buyer can get off their order. This field is only available with Discount type set to "$ off" or "Percent."

    • Active from: Set the date when the coupon becomes active (if applicable).

    • Active till: Specify the coupon expiration date (if applicable).

    • Subtotal range (begin): Specify the minimum order subtotal amount the coupon may apply. The coupon will not apply if the subtotal is less than the amount specified here.

    • Subtotal range (end): Specify the maximum subtotal amount the coupon may apply. The coupon will not apply if the subtotal exceeds the amount specified here.

    • Limit the number of uses: Leave this option disabled to allow unlimited use of the coupon. If enabled, a store admin can specify

      • The maximum number of uses - The absolute maximum number of times this coupon can be used;

      • The maximum number of uses per user - The maximum number of times a particular user can use this coupon.

        You can not assign coupons to a particular user account. However, it is possible to limit the number of users and usages.

        To create an individual coupon, set both values to 1 (one) and send the coupon code to a customer.

    • Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons: Use this setting to specify whether the coupon can be combined with other coupons.

    • Valid only for specific products: If you want the coupon discount to be applied only to particular products, switch the toggle to "YES"; then, you can assign the coupon to specific products.

      If the "Valid only for specific products" toggle is enabled, it hides the Categories and Product classes settings.

    • Categories: Use this field to limit a coupon to particular categories.

    • Product classes: Use this field to limit a coupon to particular product classes.

    • Memberships: Use this field to limit a coupon to specific memberships. If no membership level is specified in this field, a store user with or without a membership will be able to use the coupon.

    • Address zones: Use this field to limit a coupon to particular address zones.

  3. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page. The coupon will be created and added to the list in the Coupons list.

    If you have enabled the "Valid only for specific products" option while creating your coupon, you will also need to assign the coupon to the products you require. See Assigning a Coupon to Specific Products.

A few more words on what to expect as to how your created coupon will affect the order total amount:

  • Coupons apply to the order Subtotal.

  • Coupons do not apply to the Shipping and Tax costs.

1. Create a coupon ($10 off any order over $50).
2. Add a product to the shopping cart (1 eligible item in the cart; the price of an item is, for example, $50.49).
3. Enter the code for your $10 off coupon.

At the checkout, the order total will be calculated as follows:

1 item in cart: $50.49
Coupon discount: $10.00
Shipping cost: $3.00
Sales tax: $3.28
TOTAL: $46.77 (= Discounted subtotal amount $40.49 + Shipping cost $3.00 + Sales tax: $3.28)

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